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The Mission of the Lynn Foundation Is to Help Create a Great Tomorrow by Investing in the High Desert Today.

1. Through the education of our dedicated youth, we create a brighter future for all.

The Lynn Foundation will be awarding scholarships each year to the students of the High Desert. The Foundation will seek students who are especially interested in Science, Technology, Business, Real Estate and Architecture.

2. Improving our community creates a brighter today.

Whenever feasible, The Lynn Foundation will join forces with other local foundations with similar goals such as local fine arts and science groups. The High Desert community has a wealth of talented dedicated people and therefore outstanding potential to make it a model to be followed by others. Standing together in a united effort, we can harness that talent and build on one another's successes to make this dream a reality.


The Foundation Today

The Lynn Foundation is headed by Michael G. Perdue, as Trustee, who is also a California Attorney. You can learn more about him at www.123ReadyLaw.com. The Gifting decisions are made by a committee of three individuals who live in the High Desert. The Foundation currently gives away tens of thousands of dollars each year in grants and scholarships. Students must be from or attending school in the High Desert.


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